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OPERATIONAL UPDATE: It is almost "Prime Time" in Southern Iowa


I spent the weekend down south working on some Zone 5 farms getting them ready to go. My Zone 4 and Zone 6 farms are already set. I moved some cameras onto scrapes and readjusted some stands, trimmed a bit, and got two Radix Monarch Blinds put out. I still have a little work to do in Zone 8 with checking new scrapes, moving a couple cameras, and getting blinds brushed into place which I will do the end of next week on the 28th or 29th. I have one other farm to get work done on yet, and it's in Zone 5. Then, we are all set! Yet, I want to highlight a few other topics about the upcoming pre-rut & rut archery hunts for you:


The temps are mild with nothing hitting the mid to high 20's for Low's yet... which is okay with me... Makes that 'rut switch' turn 'ON' even harder if we get a cold front the first few days of November. The chance for precipitation is a concern though... the next week looks wet, which will delay crop harvest and cause me to start balding... (That is a joke... I am already bald.) Moon phase is solid for us 10/31 - 11/14 so, we should be sitting well.


A lot of beans and some corn is already out in southern Iowa, but there are still a LOT of crops still standing in our areas. All of our corn is still standing, and two of my bean farms have been harvested as of today. If we miss the precipitation, I expect much more harvesting to take place between now and then. Still, I expect corn harvest to take place while we hunt the pre-rut and rut. Of course, any serious rain can stop that in a second. So, we will take it day-by-day here, and as any neighboring farm or our farm gets harvested, we will reevaluate the approach and go from there.


I sent you all a "Recommended Gear List" via email months ago. Please go through such again and let me know if you have any remaining questions on those items before you get all packed up. There are also mandatory items such as a bow rope, bow arm/rest, safety harness & line, license, tags, and drivers license.


I have been in contact with everyone about arrival dates, but some of you still haven't narrowed it down, so I am asking that everyone shoot me a simple text message today about their expected arrival date (then I don't have to call you all & interrupt work or family time), so I can schedule our meet-up's accordingly. If you still are undecided about the exact date, give me a call today before 5PM CST or tomorrow anytime.

HUNT CANCELLATION: Pre-Rut & Rut Archery - Zone 5

Yesterday, while out putting together a tower blind, I received a call from one of my incoming rut bowhunters. I told them that I would have to call them back when I was done and on the road home. I called back and they said that they were not going to be able to make it due to a personal decision regarding COVID-19 and the inherent risks of traveling. I was saddened to hear such, but I definitely respect their opinion and decision. It was not an easy decision to make. So, now, I have one new Zone 5 spot that just opened up for the pre-rut and rut! If you are interested and have a current Zone 5 archery tag, give me a call to go over the details of the farm, the deer, the setups, the neighborhood, and how we can make it come together for you.



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