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I waited for 5 years to come up and hunt with a bow. I had done a lot of research on outfitters. After speaking with Matt, I could see right away his passion for putting hunters on big deer. I feel with everything he had going on with hunters not drawing and other factors, he pulled out all the stops to make it happen. I had a great experience and harvested a Large bodied, 150 class buck. I also saw 2 other shooter bucks and many upcoming studs.

Gary Rymer (Georgia)
"It was actually an overdone top sirloin, not a ribeye." -Matt


I chose MDL Outfitters after many FB message and phone calls with Matt about his place. What I like the most was low number of hunter MDL takes per week, more personal. I drew a late season muzzle loader hunt (my first muzzle loader hunt) and was super excited to hunt Iowa the land of giants again. From the first moment that I met Matt, I made the right choice. After we unloaded my truck, we went straight to the computer to show recent trail pics of the shooters and what was off limits (baby face) who is going to be a monster in 2017. I never had a outfitter sit down and go over recent trail pics and aerials, so again I was glad to book with MDL. Matt told me there was a good buck (Pot Belly) that made this farm his home, so Pot Belly was my target buck. Since it was late season hunt we only hunted the evenings over food plots, you must hunt over food plots in late season and MDL delivers on food plots. I had deer every night and on the 4th night Pot Belly came in right before dark and I was able to harvest him.

Christopher Weakland (Pennsylvania)


A short feedback email on my experience with Matt and MDL outfitters.  This being my first time to Iowa, I wanted to avoid public land so I found myself in contact with Matt. I am a very avid deer hunter from South Dakota and I understand deer very well. So does Matt. It was apparent right away how knowledgeable he is as well as how prepared he was. I found the setups to be well prepared and scouted. I spent 2.5 days over a corn foodplot with ample corn, a good blind setup, and plenty of deer despite it being a very mild weather hunt. I was given a topo map and trail cam pictures of the bucks he was aware of. I also spent time in hardwoods in a staging area to a standing beanfield in prime zone 6 territory. Matt went above and beyond the "semi guided" nature of a hunt by continuing daily contact and recommendations without it taking away from his fully guided duties to other clients. Due largely to an unseasonably warm week, I did not end up harvesting a buck, however the setups were great and I will be back! I could tell Matt was very invested in our success as it got down to the wire and he did everything he could to get me on a last minute buck, and I really appreciated that from him!
Tom Jensen (South Dakota)


Great outfitter who will do everything he can to put you on big deer. First class operation, who truly cares about his hunters. If you want to go to Iowa to hunt whitetails, this is the place.

Brian Bain (New York)


Matt and his team are great to work with. If you want to come to Iowa to hunt, this is the place to use.

Eric Kline (Iowa)



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