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Below, this is a winter landscape photo that I took in December of 2016 in southern Iowa.

I was driving in between farms in Zone 6 when I saw this spot that looked pretty with the snow and ice on the grasses and trees. I snapped a photo (not a very good one I might add) not knowing that this farm would eventually fall into my hands for the 2021 hunting season and beyond. I have wanted to get into this neighborhood since the very first time I traveled through the area. Finally, we will be able to hunt this farm where I took a picture from the gravel road in southern Iowa.

This farm photographed above, known as the "Cedar Farm", is one farm of at least five that I am adding for 2021. We are letting go of a few farms due to their respective landowner selling the land, and with it, the hunting rights. We are also letting go of two farms that are not productive for their cost and looking for something for equal or less cost with better hunting. We found those in the five new farms, including the one above. So, we will be in Zone 5 & Zone 6 closing out our time in Zone 4. I am excited for this change, and my hunters should be as well.

This is a prime example of the quality of deer that we can expect on this farm. This photo is from the late summer of 2019. This farm is a true trophy farm. The deer density here is superb. It is almost too much to handle, so I'll need about 4 acres of food plots fenced off in conjunction with 20+ acres of tillable acres being planted by the farmer. This farm will have a large quantity of 160-class whitetails with a real potential of 170-190" bucks.

As for other new farms, we have added three different CRP farms that will allow for food plots, a necessity to make a CRP farm hunt-able. When I walk all of these farms in February and March, I will post blog updates with photos and written context to highlight the farms. I am super excited for this to become a reality.

If you haven't already, please create an account for this blog so that you can get notifications of when I post, and if you have Instagram, please search for us there (@MDLOutfitters) to see all of our current content (photo/video heavy). We look forward to sharing more with you as we approach the 2021 hunting season here in southern Iowa!


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