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BIG BUCKS IN POST RUT - Don't Head Home Too Early With That Valid Tag!

November 21st, 2022 - Bow Season

- Shooter buck Returns to scrape he hit in daylight on November 5th, 2022

November 21st, 2022 - Bow Season

- First time seeing this shooter buck since October 2021 on same fence line

December 2nd, 2022 - Bow Season

- First time seeing this buck since October 2021 on same fence line

Of course, I don't have anyone bowhunting during the week of Thanksgiving and the next week leading up to the conclusion of the Archery - Early Split when First Gun Season opens on Dec 3rd. Most guys who wait 5-6+ years to archery hunt want to go during the pre-rut and the rut while the post rut gets ignored. I mean, I can't blame them, but c'mon man! Three studs that are likely nearby in daylight and not pressured. I mean, these three bucks are on two farms where you can be at the other within 10 minutes. With cell cameras, that's valuable options! So, here is my pitch - I need guys hunting during this stretch. I am calling on everyone who can get away the last two weeks of November to hunt hard and get mobile. I'd rather have archery guys get a crack at them before they go to the Orange Army!

Well, next year, I have openings during First Gun Season and Second Gun Season. These are the type of bucks you'd be hunting! 0-1 Preference point need for those gun tags! C'mon on down before I pull all my hair out! Oh, wait.... I am bald. You know what I mean though.

The post rut in Southern Iowa is worthy of attention because so many big bucks are still on the hot doe trail looking for those does in hard-to-reach areas they either covered earlier in the year or just simple missed nearby. The lockdown is still showing, but the big ones are searching hard to find those hot does, and they know exactly where to go look.

If you would like to hunt with us in late bow season next year, give us a call at 563-320-6875 or email us at We can talk about how this hunt is able to be successfully completed and get you signed up. If not, I may have to go buy a new bow and go after them myself - not what I want, but they need to get an arrow or a sabot through the lungs. Help a guy out!

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