Hello, Everyone!

I haven't done a blog update since late January on here, so I guess I should get everyone up to speed on the operation since then until now.


We are saddened to say that Kansas did not work out for us this year. I could not get the interest and commitment to support the operation to produce the quality of hunts that we want, so we are letting things in Kansas go in July. Two days ago was the last day to apply for the tags, and with nobody being interested in applying or at least communicating such to us, our hand was forced. I was shocked simply because I believe that the deer hunting quality to be equaled to that of southern Iowa with a better non-resident draw situation. Guys were wanting to pay $1500 to $3,000 for a hunt, which wouldn't even cover the leases unless we ran a few too many guys through, let alone provide the time and labor into scouting, baiting and management. So, we will be taking the Kansas site down if we can't get the following done by July 1st.

If for some odd reason you applied for Unit 11 in Kansas this year without having a spot to hunt, and haven't yet told me about it, you should probably call me. Technically, my leases are up for renewal July 1st, so we could technically put something together yet. Let me know. I'd love to keep Kansas open. I need 4 bow hunters, 1 early muzzleloader hunter, and 1 rifle hunter to make it work great for everyone without stressing the farms at all.

Here would be the costs for such which would be partnering with me on the leases & covering general scouting, stands and baiting (NOT OUTFITTING)

1 x Early Muzzleloader Hunter = $2,500

4 x Archery Rut Hunters = $12,000 ($3,000/each)

1 x Rifle Hunter = $3,000

All Season Access (Group of 4-6 Hunters TOTAL) = $17,500

If someone wanted to take over the duties of baiting, scouting, stands/trimming, management, etc., I'd ask for $15,000 for a group of 5 guys which would be a simplistic DIY All Season Access situation on my personal leases. If a group of 3 or 4 wanted it, I would do such for $12,500. I'd love to share the farms and great deer with a group of likeminded individuals.