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1ST UPDATE OF 2023! Shed Season!

We hope that all of you have been enjoying the first two months of 2023 so far. Iowa has been mild yet spontaneous thus far in the winter, and we can finally see the light at the end of the winter tunnel. We have talked to all of our current hunters for 2023, and we have started prepping for the hunting season already. Well, at least on paper we have anyways. As late February and early March appear, we know that shed season is approaching! This is a super fun time for me to take my boy out for something fun to do outside while not worrying about getting dirty. Add on the fresh air, the miles (for piles) walked, and the scenery, it is a wonderful time.

Besides shed season and all of its glory, we wanted to also share some exciting news with you all that has been done so in effort to better serve our customers as friends and hunters back home, not just in Iowa. We publicly announced the start of The Whitetail Store, an online retail operation for hunting products that we use and recommend for whitetail deer. I am still in the process of adding products, so the site will launch very soon. If you don't mind and are interested, please head over to our landing page and subscribe...

Our website:

We are also on Facebook here: Give us a 'Like'!

I am very proud to announce that you will have free shipping on all products and the pricing will be extremely competitive near, at, or below MSRP with free shipping incorporated. If you have a product that you'd like me to carry, please let me know. I will do my best!

I am in the process of putting in an order for 30 x Spartan GoCams or GoLives that I would like to finalize sometime in March. If you need a couple, please reach out as I'd love to compensate you on price for the help. After we do that order, I will have individual Spartan cams on the site. I will not do Tactacam as their product quality has definitely gone down over the last two years, and Spartan's are one of, if not the only, cell camera brands we will carry. I still have some Spartans running on AA batteries since November. Hopefully no shed poachers will claim them.

We still have some openings for this year in Southern Iowa, mostly during gun season or here & there in archery. We would love to add a few more hunters to the mix if possible as it always helps everyone to get a bit more for their buck - leases, stands/blinds, cameras, plots, etc. For current availability, give me a call.

Anyways, if anybody needs anything from me in the meantime, give me a holler. If I don't answer, I'm probably coaching baseball or dreaming of some velvet monsters. Take care everyone!


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