IT IS CRAZY! - The 2022 Rut Update #2

Written on Wednesday November 9th, 2022 at 10:19am CST

Where do I begin? This will be a rather large update with multiple sections. November 7th was when I figured we would be knocking something down, and that we did. Yet, the rut is crazy, and it can make hunters crazy. I just can't say it enough to my hunters. They have to live it, and that, they did. It is going to continue.

Saturday November 5th, 2022

I left home, 2.5 hours away, around 9:00am to arrive around 11:45am catching the last of the rain. At this time, I only had four hunters hunting that upcoming evening. Hunters 1 & 2 were on same farm as part of a group. Hunter 3 and 4 are individuals on other farms. Hunters 1 & 2 were seeing some solid action even seeing a shooter or two without shots. Hunter 3 claimed that he wasn't seeing any deer and the wind was "insane"... I told him he needs to be hunting, but he chose not to due to the wind. I was not pushing the issue. I then decide to drive over to the farm around 4pm after dealing with other hunters including a new late-booking that came in. I had to drive by Hunter #4's farm which I see a shooter on the neighbors off the road just standing there. I am verifying my own thoughts that the rut should be on. I pull up to Hunter #3's farm, and he is not there. He's not even in the truck scouting from the road. He's back at his hotel. I was obviously flustered by this and confused. I sit there for a minute, turn around, and then I make it about 200yds south of our farm entrance and see this (and record it on the phone).

This nice 4-year-old was pushing these three does right to our farm. I was obviously upset, so, I needed to blur out some choice words, I ended up putting music over the video. Sorry...

I then continued on down toward another farm about 10mins away, and I had an encounter with a monster 8 off the road. I got my reaction on video but not him. Talk about choice words! Basically, "bleeping bleep, bleep, bleep, bleep. That's a bleeping monster 8!"

I knew the rut was on given the big rain and cooling air coming in. It was going to be a short amount of time before the action picked up. I ended up meeting with Hunter #3 at his hotel, but he didn't seem to have a good reaction when I talked to him about hunting with the wind. He simply didn't want to. He had a crossbow (and needed permit), and I think he was not confident in his shooting with the 15-20mph wind. Obviously, the deer didn't care. More on Hunter #3 to come.

I ended up staying until dark, no shots fired, so I headed home. Sunday was another good day of hunting. Hunters 1, 2, 3, 4 were out. No shots, solid sits. Hunter #3 claimed to not be seeing any deer. I don't know if he was doing something on the farm that was hurting his sits, his noise, his scent control, his timing of entrance/exit, etc. I also never know if this means he just isn't seeing deer because they aren't there or he just can't see them. Yet, the day was done. I wanted him to be out there on Sunday all day. I told him to try something, but it appeared that he was not well-versed in the whole wind direction hunt strategy thing. Yet, more on him later. This is not a bashing post.

Sunday November 6th, 2022

No shots were fired, but like Saturday, hunters 1,2,4 are seeing good deer and good deer numbers, but #3 seems to not be seeing anything. I am at a loss as to why. Since I don't offer fully guided hunts, I can't be present with him every day to answer this question. I was shocked nothing died Sunday, but I knew that the next day was my favorite day of the year to Bowhunter in Southern Iowa, November 7th. A full moon was hitting, too (good or bad?).

Monday November 7th, 2022

The morning was solid but no shots. Sightings/encounters but no shot opportunities. I then tell my MO hunter who booked late (Hunter #5) to come in and hunt a farm due to the wind being solid. Hunters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 were out in the afternoon, and it was quiet thus far (as for texts or calls from them). I was sort of shocked nothing had happened yet, but around 4:30, I got a call. Hunter #1 had shot a 165-170" stud. He's unsure of the shot due to the buck moving as the arrow left the bow - potentially a shoulder blade or no-man's land. Within 5 minutes, I get another call. Hunter #4 has shot a solid buck but almost same story, shoulder or leg shot. I then get back on with Hunter #1, getting more det