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November 13th, 2022 - Rut Update #3


In the last four days since our last update, we have had 8+ encounters with shooters, but no shots taken. Too thick of shooting brush, too quick of movement behind a doe, or just too far of a shot, we've been put through the ringer. Yet, that might be the best hunting we have ever had during the rut. We have not had any encounters with bucks over 180" (yet), but we have had almost all of the shooters be in the 150-165" range. Not bad! It is the lockdown phase, but we are seeing great numbers for such. We still have some days left, so we will see what happens. Nonetheless, the hunts have been great, and I am extremely thankful for such for MDLO and for our hunter's sake. Just need to fill those tags to cap it off right! Wish us luck! If you want to see photos/videos as they come in, please go to my instagram, @matt_petersen_iowa. I can't fit everything into the blogs, otherwise I would.


I have created a MDLO Pre-Hunt Survey for all potential clients to fill out. Even if you are not currently planning on booking with us or if you would consider it when you have enough points, I'd love for you to complete this. With these hunts, everyone has their own opinions and ideals/goals for the hunt with their respective desired price that someone will get left out on one side or the other. I don't want that for MDLO or for you, so the information that I can get from the survey is very helpful for MDLO. Also, we are offering a $500 discount on current pricing for all hunters who book after completing the survey before January 1st, 2023. We only have a few spots each week. Furthermore, if there is a way for MDLO to build a hunt catered to what you want, the survey is how we can start that process. This is different than our Hunter Questionnaire that I require all hunt bookings to complete. Let us know if you have any other questions.

Thanks everyone for following along and the support!

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