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NUMERO UNO 2.0 - A Family Affair

Meet Numero Uno 2.0, the 4-year-old almost replica of Numero Uno, a now dead or 7-year-old warrior. I don't think this is the original Numero Uno from 2020 as his body looks too small for a majestic monarch that 7-year-old whitetails are. So, it must be the 2.0, the son!

This is one of the, if not the, only "Deer Stories" characters that is yet to be hunted. With that being said, I will say that the farm of which this deer has frequented all summer is being hunted in conjunction with another nearby farm with a group of guys in the next few weeks. We will post an update if such need persists.

This deer showed up the next day after putting this camera out with my boy in August. I knew that this farm, when planted with corn, could produce a 160" animal. When I got the first Tactacam photos on my phone, I about dropped it. I thought it was Numero Uno, a deer that we chased there two years prior, 2020, when we had corn on the farm last. A solid 10pt typical with definite body size and maturity, pushing the envelope to 160". He gave us a run for our money as he only appeared once in daylight when I had a hunter there. Yet, he was there plenty in daylight when I did NOT have a hunter there throughout the entire season! I was quite upset about it, actually. This was one of the tougher deer to hunt. My boy and I found his matching set on this farm just up from our brassica plot in the thick, brushy ditch about 20yds off of the roadway next to a little cedar tree. We caught them on the walk out when just by chance, I looked to my right and saw one side sparkling in the sunlight. We ran over to it and then saw the matching side. Measured out exactly at 160" with a 16" inside spread.

Numero Uno 1.0 was a very smart deer and lucky too. What kept him from being a very killable buck was his movement and his patterns. Almost no patterns could be identified to his timing to appear on the farm, but yet there he was, again and again, completely random.

Numero Uno 2.0 is in the process of becoming a very smart deer, which will make him luckier day by day. How can I say this? He is extremely skittish when not in an alert position. He is always attentive. He is sharp. He's busted out of the camera setup multiple times, mostly due to noise. So, someone has educated him on this. Noise is bad. Bad noise. No noise good. He even spooked because a yearling walked behind him. It is sort of funny to watch it play out on camera from one photo to the next.

So, I know this deer will be hunt-able in the coming weeks, especially during the rut. We may or may not have someone on him, but I surely hope we do. With the drought in August/September, we didn't get food plots in. We don't have any food on the farm except for corn stubble, so odds of finding sheds will be tough. I'd like to get my hands on him somehow, so we will see! Of course, if we knock him down we will post it here!

I am convinced this is Numero Uno 1.0's son. They share too many characteristics not to be. Since I am not a biologist and do not have DNA, I have to guess. What do you think? Let us know below in the poll.

Is Numero Uno 1.0 & 2.0 Father/Son?

  • Yes - Father & Son

  • No - Not Relatives

  • No - Definitely Relatives, Not Father/Son

  • No - That's the same deer!

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