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OCTOBER BUCKS, EHD, & HARVEST - 10/17/2023 Operational Update

BUCKS - 2 weeks of bucks on the cell cameras that have service

There are over 40 trail camera photos above showing a wide variety of bucks that have been venturing around our farms in the last 2 weeks or so. Of course, not all bucks shown are shooters. Yet, there are some mature deer showing, and that is by far the most important part as far as we are concerned. Considering the EHD scare, which is more of a reality honestly, I am happy to see this volume of bucks...

EHD is back in Iowa, sadly.

See the photo below of EHD reported as shown by Trophy Bucks of Iowa on Facebook - numbers aren't accurate per DNR (very low, multiply by 20, but it does show a color-coded percentage of focal counties). We are in Appanoose, Davis, Van Buren, Jefferson this year.

Davis - 61 (x 20 = 1200 est)

Van Buren - 21 (x 20 = 400 est)

Jefferson - 24 (x 20 = 500 est)

Appanoose - 11 (x20 = 200 est)

Looking at the calculated numbers, I bet they are even higher, a multiple of 25-50 depending on the area. I have heard of multiple people finding just one deer as well as multiple people finding 20-30+ dead deer. The DNR doesn't corral these numbers well because it is impossible to test for EHD, and most do not report it to the DNR. I would say 2.5-5% of people actually report it.

HARVEST Time - About 75% Complete

With most of the crops coming out over the past 2 weeks and the following 1-2 weeks, we will be at about 90-95% harvested by November 1st, which is a HUGE deal for my archery hunters. As stated in numerous blog posts before, having the crops out early or on-time forces deer out of the fields and into their more traditional areas of bedding and travel. Fence lines become even more deadlier. Timber edges before better. Food sources become easier to hunt. It is a bunch of great things. We will see how things unfold with our archery hunters.


With the serious drought we had from late July through early October, some of our plots didn't grow at all. Of those that did, we have had a moderate turn-out. Today we had a frost in spots, so we might be done growing, sadly. If not, we will have some continued growth, but nothing like it should be. My archery guys don't need plots to kill deer, but my gun hunters likely do. So, we will see what happens.

FUTURE HUNTERS - If You Want Grain Plots and Fall Plots Or Just Customization

If you are hunting with us, you need to make sure you get your hunt payments in on-time so that we can get resources allocated and directed where we need them. Some had late payments this year (I know, we have a horrible economy right now), but it likely caused delay in getting us exactly what we needed, when we needed it. So, we will be revising our Payment Terms showing final hunt cost payment is due as soon as tag results are out. Of course, everyone has unique circumstances that we can try to accommodate. Also, if you specifically want a plot for your archery or gun hunt that isn't already in MDLO's plan, we can work something out with you to do such for a little added cost. Also, if you want to hunt extra days or customize a hunt, please let us know. We book on a first-come, first-served basis that we will always work to accommodate current booked hunters over future hypotheticals.


We are sitting moderately full, about 90%, so if you are wanting to get in, let's discuss it prior to November 1st over a phone call or email. This is the notice I have told some of you about that have been planning accordingly. For 2024, you need to get your deposits in to hold the remaining slots if you haven't done so already. Of course, let me know if you have any questions!

Thanks everyone!

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