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PREMIUM MINERAL: Healthier, Safer, and More Productive Than Corn, Salt, and Other Baits

The right mineral for free-range deer is like the right vitamin for humans. I compared a trophy-caliber whitetail to be the equivalent of a non-steroid-infused Rambo, a virtual Chuck Norris, the real Jason Bourne - all high-end physical specimens. One thing is for sure, physical specimens need proper nutrition. For whitetails, the right mineral is extremely valuable and ultimately needed to sustained health, quality breeding, and optimum growth.

Feed them protein! Nah, that's like the gym rat guys who down too much protein each day and just piss it out. The human body can only take in so much protein in one sitting before wasting excess. Feed them salt! They love salt! Sure, deer like salt, but not all year. Plus, what benefit does it really have? Jack squat. Feed them Joe Blow's Monster Rack Mineral! It's the best! ... Well, is it actually the best? Does science actually support such? No. Science does not support that claim. Well then? What do you do? You get the best mineral for true whitetail health... made by a biologist and agronomist in the Midwest.... RACKOLOGY.

I have been a big fan of Rackology over the years since I first heard of them. I came to know co-owner Jason very well. Super guy! I even became a dealer and still actually sell it today. I've made a handful of sales over the years. I've purchased almost a ton of mineral over that time, including over 600lbs of mineral I just ordered this week to get out on my Iowa farms ASAP. It's pricey stuff! I care about my whitetails, and I want them to have the best "vitamin" that they can have. I could order big brand stuff that is all over. I could order the homemade small business brew. None of it would actually help the deer on my farms. No, I don't do it for bigger racks, but it surely helps. It helps by making the deer healthier so he can sprout the best bone that he can. It helps the does and fawns with their much needed nutrition.

I also use their formulated and science-based brassica mix. I've tried a lot of different plot seed blends from big and small brands. This blend from Rackology truly delivers. I can't tell you how much pressure the deer put on these plots that I have never seen before. Truly! This stuff is awesome. So, I ordered about 30lbs of that too. Here is why...

When the mineral becomes not attractive to the deer in late August or early September, I know that I need another source of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that the deer need. Palatability is also key. So, the combination of the mineral from Spring through Summer along with the brassica mix to keep them close after the mineral dies out and is removed, really helps me setup my hunts for October and November. It would do nothing to have mineral out in October or November. The deer won't touch it. They have corn, soybeans, brassicas, clover, alfalfa, and other sources of food.

If we have a summer without EHD, without drought, without flooding, we should have a spectacular fall in southern Iowa. The moon phase is correct. The weather should cooperate. The rut should fire as it should. The food will bring them in and keep them close. Yet, it all starts in the off season with the mineral. I didn't do mineral last year, and I realized what I lost. That's why I will have 600lbs of mineral spread over Zone 4, Zone 5, and Zone 6 of southern Iowa starting in a week or two.

If anyone is interested in ordering some, let me know by emailing or by calling me at 563-320-6875.

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