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Bow Season Stats: 2017

Shot Opportunity: +100% Zone 5 (calculated by # of mature bucks within bow range divided by number of hunters on fully guided hunts); 40% Zone 6 (early pre-rut & post-rut/lock-down only; no peak rut hunting took place in Zone 6 due to hunter's schedule conflicts)

Biggest Buck Seen Overall: 200"+ Non-Typical buck, Zone 5, by hunter from IA, harvested.

Biggest Buck Shot Opportunity: 200"+ Non-Typical, Zone 5, by hunter from IA.

Biggest Buck Shot & Recovered: 200"+ Non-Typical, Zone 5, by hunter from IA.

Largest Wounded Buck: 155-160" Non-Typical, Zone 5, by hunter from MT

Number of wounded bucks: 2

Number of misses: 0 (known)

Number of hunters: 9 (excluding semi-guided or DIY bowhunters)

Number of shot opportunities on mature whitetails: 12+

Number of blown encounters: 3

Summary: Do NOT hunt the post-rut/lockdown phase. We succeeded beyond measure during one of the best ruts ever, and then we struggled during the post-rut/lockdown phase immediately following. Overall, a very productive and knowledge-filled season.

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